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Advertising agents
Bict Advertising World : Krishna ColonyLohar Bazar, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 9729376180
V3S Advertising Company : Krishna ColonyGhatna Ghar, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 9416160549


Kosmic Solutions : Jain Chowk, Lal Masjid Road, Bhiwani -127021 09255227224 Bhiwani
Om Shri Future Point : House No-1958, Huda, Sector 13, Bhiwani 09896194095 Bhiwani
Shri Rudra Anusdhan Kendra : Shiv Mandir, Lohar Bazar, Bhiwani 09466857438, 9812264656 Bhiwani

Beauty Salons

Bindiya Beauty Parlour : Ramkunj Market, Bhiwani 09034315043 Bhiwani
Chahat Beauty Parlour : Patram Gate Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09896603747
Durga Beauty Parlour : Gaushala Market, Bhiwani 09812277685 Bhiwani
Galaxy beauty saloon : #4 Basement, Halwasiya MallHansi Gate, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09034747406
Garika Beauty Parlour : Ramkunj Market, Bhiwani 09416194398 Bhiwani
Henna Beauty Parlour : Kiriori Mal Mandir Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09996150831
Herbal Beauty Parlour : Behal, Bhiwani 127028 09992030913
Impression Beauty Salon : 13 MK Plaza, Bhiwani 127021 M: 9254500009, 99968956599 E: W: ::Facebook  
Mehandi Beauty Parlour : Kirori Mal Mandir, Bhiwani 09896200408 Bhiwani
Memory Beauty Parlour : Ramkunj Market, Bhiwani 09255579025 Bhiwani
Nisha Beauty Center : Gaushala Market, Bhiwani 09812537213 Bhiwani
Ragini Beauty Parlour : Ghanshyam Market Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09812381272
Rajat Beauty Parlour : Jain Chowk, Bhiwani 09992789885 Bhiwani
Saheli Beauty Parlour : Krishana Colony, Bhiwani 09355168293 Bhiwani


Dr Kapil Sharma : Rohtak Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-241593 Mob: 9466756005 Website:

Engineering Colleges

BRCM College of Engineering, Bhiwani : Rohtak Road Bhiwani
Bhiwani Institute of Technology, Bhiwani : Rohtak Road Bhiwani
Technological Institute of Textiles, Bhiwani : Rohtak Road Bhiwani


Action Exclusive Showroom : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09034467726 Bhiwani
Akash Shoes Palace : Dadri Gate, Bhiwani 09812111217 Bhiwani
Amit Boot House : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 09467109080 Bhiwani
Amit Footwear : Ashram Road, Charkhi, Dadri, Bhiwani 09812614944 Bhiwani
Anand Shoes Palace : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09416588611 Bhiwani
Anupam Shoes : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 09466280849 Bhiwani
Bansal Boot House : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09215781666 Bhiwani
Bharat Boot House : Bagri Market, Bhiwani 09416229900 Bhiwani
City Shoe : Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Bhiwani 09812137702 Bhiwani
Delhi Shoe Palace : Kirorimal Mandir, Bhiwani 09034859566 Bhiwani
Dinesh Kumar Malik Shoe Palace : Krishna Colony, Bhiwani 09254496109 Bhiwani
Gaba Shoe Palace : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09255287252 Bhiwani
Gulab Boot House : Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Bhiwani 09896584286 Bhiwani
Guljari Lal Juti Store : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09812071670 Bhiwani
Halwasia Chappal Store : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09416231661 Bhiwani
Heena Shoe Palace : Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Bhiwani 09812820008 Bhiwani
Homeshop18 Customer Care Number : Loharu Road, Bhiwani 01204455918 Bhiwani
Joni Shoe Palace : Ghanta Ghar Chowk, Bhiwani 09466749702 Bhiwani
Kalkata Boot House : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 01664243488 Bhiwani
Kalra Shoe Palace : Krishna Colony, Bhiwani 09467602386 Bhiwani
Kansal Shoe Palace : Adarsh Market, Bhiwani 09896196304 Bhiwani
Kapil Shoe Palace : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09416126370 Bhiwani
Laxumi Shoes : Murari Cinema Road, Bhiwani 09255936667 Bhiwani
Liberty Exclusive Store : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 01664240438 Bhiwani
Lucky Shoe Palace : Jain Chowk, Bhiwani 09416082484 Bhiwani
Madan Boot House : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09255490013 Bhiwani
Malik Shoe Palace : Krishna Colony, Bhiwani 09255496109 Bhiwani
Mukesh Boot House : Murari Cinema Road, Bhiwani 09896338878 Bhiwani
Naresh Shoe Palace : Jain Chowk, Bhiwani 09315601242 Bhiwani
New Bombay Boot House : Kirorimal Mandir, Bhiwani 09034574895 Bhiwani
Numero Uno Store : S-73, Mahem Gate, Bhiwani 09812710111 Bhiwani
Om Bhole Shoe Palace : Jain Chowk, Bhiwani 09354743911 Bhiwani
Reebok Store : Adarsh Nagar, Shop No 26, Bhiwani, 127021 09215068807 Bhiwani
Relaxo Store : Shop No X 778, Circular Road, Hansi Chowk, Bhiwani 01664249121 Bhiwani


Aashirwad Furniture : New Bazar, Bhiwani 01664246297 9812004396 Bhiwani
Ankit Hospital Furniture : Plot No.124, Sector 26, Bhiwani 09896144888 9467402016 Bhiwani
Ankit Polyweave Industry : Plot No.40 Sector-26 Industrial Area, Rohtak Road, Bhiwani 01664242275 Bhiwani
Arun Plywood And Hardware : Naya Bazar, Bhiwani 09896354260 Bhiwani
Bishan Dayal And Sons : Bichla Bazar II, Bhiwani 09812023563 Bhiwani
Ekta Furniture House : Old Jhajjar Road, Charkhi Dadri City, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09215601029 Bhiwani
Jain Furniture Palace : New Bazar, Bhiwani 01664243354 Bhiwani
Kesho Ram Devi Ram : Old Devsar Chungi, Bhiwani 09215548516 Bhiwani
Lal Furniture : Naya Bazar, Bhiwani 127021 01664252408 9467069922 Bhiwani
Laxmi Agencies : Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani 01664217132 Bhiwani
Lilliput Store : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani, 127021 09813257712 Bhiwani
Luxmi Furniture : New Bazar, Bhiwani 09416056662 Bhiwani
New Standard Furniture : New Bazar, Bhiwani 01664249826 9991990992 Bhiwani
Pawan Trading Company : Nehru Park, Bhiwani 01664246600 9815013190 Bhiwani
Shubham Enterprises : Mangal Market Dadri, Charkhi Dadri City, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09466338600 Bhiwani
Standard Furnitures : New Bazar, Bhiwani 09416338505 9991990992 Bhiwani
Verma Furniture House : Main Bazar, Bus Stand, Tosham, Bhiwani 09992356972 Bhiwani
Vishwakarma Furniture : Mahendra Garh Road, Charkhi Dadri City, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09812225655 Bhiwani


Agarwal Brothers : Kirori Mal Mandir, Bound Kalan, Bhiwani 01664243879 Bhiwani
Aman Textile : Gaushala Market, Bhiwani 09812022522 Bhiwani
Ambika Textiles : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09255209599 Bhiwani
Amit Matching Center : Ramkunj Market, Bhiwani 08059725080 Bhiwani
Amity Traders : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 09991021111 Bhiwani
Ankit Textile : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09416475720 Bhiwani
Avon Fabrics : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09315320387 Bhiwani
Bajaj Emporium : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09896813097 Bhiwani
Bala Ji Textile : Bagri Market, Bhiwani 09896353776 Bhiwani
Bansi Lal Cloth House : Mahavir Ghati, Bhiwani 09813045133 Bhiwani
Bhagwati Collection : Railway Road, Bhiwani 09354489247 Bhiwani
Bhikshu Textile : Kirori Mal Mandir, Bhiwani 09416389567 Bhiwani
Bhiwani Cloth House : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09813085722 Bhiwani
Chakervati Cloth House : Ghanta Ghar, Bhiwani 09416856552 Bhiwani
Chaudhary Garments Store : Main Bazaar, Old Thana Chowk, Tosham 09812883384 Bhiwani
Dadu Garments : Main Road, Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09354870444 Bhiwani
Dawra Garments : Old Bus Stand Dadri, Charkhi Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09466865486 Bhiwani
Fancy Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09416524675 Bhiwani
Gaurav Garments : Bus Stand, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani 09416522884 Bhiwani
Giriraj Garments : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09992929892 Bhiwani
Gourav Garments : New Bazar, Bhiwani 09315324004 Bhiwani
Guddu Garments : Bichla Bazar, Bhiwani 09034626179 Bhiwani
Happy Garments : Sarai Chopta, Bhiwani 09466722727 Bhiwani
Harsh Collection : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 09416359399 Bhiwani
Jatin Fashion : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09466337232 Bhiwani
Jindal Garments : Shop No 104, Adarsh Shopping Cplx, Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 09813921100 Bhiwani
Kadamwala Garments : Court Road, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09812144783 Bhiwani
Kaneya Garments : New Bazar, Bhiwani 09354266099 Bhiwani
Killer : Biju Tower, Circular Road, Meham Gate, Bhiwani 09215050501 Bhiwani
Lilliput Store : Hansi Gate, Bhiwani 127021 09813257712 Bhiwani
Meenu Garment Store : Main Bazaar, Old Thana Chowk, Tosham 08950349015 Bhiwani
Naaz Fashion Gents Wear : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09253003476 Bhiwani
Numero Uno Store : S-73, Mahem Gate, Bhiwani 09812710111 Bhiwani
Peter England : Shop No 4, GD Plaza, Circular Road, Bhiwani 01664240964 Bhiwani
Priya Fashion : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09991714900 Bhiwani
Rajesh Garments : Charkhi Dadri, Bus Stand, New Cloth Market, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09416371050 Bhiwani
Sachdeva Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 01664244264, 9467597900 Bhiwani
Sachin Garments : Meham Gate, Bhiwani 09812311503 Bhiwani
Sahiba Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09416359398 Bhiwani
Sangwan Enterprises : Rohtak Chowk, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09466009215 Bhiwani
Shankar Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09255152887 Bhiwani
Surya Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09466310437 Bhiwani
Suvidha Collection : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09416291017 Bhiwani
Tamana Garments : Rohtak Chowk, Dadri Road, Bhiwani 09812208991 Bhiwani
Tata Garments : Railway Station Road, Bhiwani 09991776992 Bhiwani
Vishal Mega Mart : Plot No. P-1078/A, Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani Bhiwani

Consultant surgeons

Dr Mayak Chugh : Circular Road, Meham Gate Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-395609 Mob: 9215660939 Email: Website:
Dr Renu Chugh : Circular Road, Meham Gate Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-395609 Mob: 9812043567 Email: Website:
Dr VP Chugh : Circular Road, Meham Gate Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-395609 Mob: 9416359277 Email: Website:

Consultant Gynaecologists

Dr Amrita Bhadwaj : Court Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-243443 Mob: 9812041440 Website:
Dr Anita Panwar : Rohtak Road Bhiwani 127021Mob: 9812240071, 9254384166 Website:
Dr Chanchal Dhir : Meham Chowk Bhiwani 127021Mob: 9416632127 Website:
Dr Chavi Chugh : Circular Road, Meham Gate Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-395609 Mob: 9728413991 Email: Website:
Dr Kamla Bhardwaj : Rohtak Gate Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-244211 Mob: 9215921521, 9812044211 Website:
Dr Poonam Bawa : Jalan Nagar Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-243080 Mob: 9215504080 Website:
Dr Santosh Panghal : Meham Chowk Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-252626 Mob: 9416058764 Website:
Dr Saroj Ranga : Aggarsain Chowk Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-329910 Email: 9215959402
Dr Savita Aggarwal : Nehru Park Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-246824 Mob: 9896686567 Website:
Dr Savita Gupta : Court Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-241253 Mob: 9416358473 Website:
Dr Shila Gulia : Hansi Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-241239 Mob: 9215557239 Website:
Dr Suman Punia : Chiriyaghar Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-256917 Mob: 9416492286 Website:
Dr Vandana Punia : Circular Road Bhiwani 127021Mob: 9812151824 Website:


Utsav Banquet And Motel : Rohtak Road, Bhiwani 01664326111, 9467402016 Bhiwani Website:


Amar Prem Jewellers : Jawahar chowkHalu Bazar, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09812108010
Laxmi Jewellers : Old Bus Stand Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09255599999
Shankar Abhushan Bhandar : Rajgarh Road, Bhiwani 09416270360 Bhiwani
Shree Maruti Jewellers : Maharaja Ajmeedh ji MarketJawahar Chowk, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09255002627
Singla Jewellers : City Center, Bhiwani 09896767604 Bhiwani
Vardhman Jewellers : Railway RoadSarai Chopta, Bhiwani 127021Mob: 09215656444

Management Colleges

Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, Birla Colony , Bhiwani-127021 : Railway RoadSarai Chopta, Bhiwani

Consultant Eye Surgeons

Dr S.K. Saini : Udia Singh Jain Hospital, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani 123305

Consultant Orthopaedicians

Dr Ravinder Punia : Chiriyaghar Road Bhiwani 127021Tel: 01664-256917 Mob: 9811379095 Website: